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Can you verify a fulfilled Bible Prophecy?

Want to really get our goat? Find a Bible prophecy that meets the six requirements below and win a free goat!

It is often claimed that the Bible contains hundreds of examples of supernaturally fulfilled prophecy. If this is true it should be very easy to verify an example of one. Since there are many ways to mistakenly think you have an example of Supernatural Prophecy Fulfillment, we need some common sense guidelines to determine between authentic, verifiable examples of true supernatural prophecy and what may only be wishful thinking based upon faith.

Here are six rules. Go through this check list and see if your example can overcome these common sense requirements. If you can answer yes to these questions then you may have a true example of Bible prophecy! Hooray!

  1. Can you show you are properly interpreting the text in question?
  2. Can you verify that the prophecy was made before the event?
  3. Can you verify the prophecy was made long enough before the event that it couldn't have been easily guessed?
  4. Can you show that the prophesied event actually happened?
  5. Can you show that some group couldn't have purposefully caused or performed an action in order to appear to "fulfill" the prophecy?
  6. Is the prophecy not mundane, obvious or likely to occur?

If you think you have a verifiable example of supernaturally fulfilled Bible prophecy, then email your prophecy claim and evidence to us at Fayfreethinkers@yahoo.com so we can examine and verify the accuracy of your claim and see if you have won a free goat (delivery not included). Good luck!