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"Test all things; hold fast what is good."  1 Thess. 5:21
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Freethinker Meeting Power Point Presentations

The Complete and Utter Farce of Evangelical Scholarship: .ppt (1.0 MB)

Science Education in America: .ppt (3.6 MB)

Smart Cars, Dumb Policies: .ppt (14.5 MB)

The Amazing Meeting 4: Pictures and Highlights: .ppt (12.7 MB)

Fayfreethinkers visit the Eureka Springs UFO Convention: .ppt (1.61 MB)

The Da Vinci Code: Truth? Fiction? Both? .ppt (2.18 MB)

Tiktaalik: .ppt (700 kB), .sxi (730 kB)*

Creationism, Education, and the Law: .ppt (550 kB), .odp (367 kB)**

No New Information?: Rejecting the Creationist Myth with Basic Genetics: .ppt (568 kB), .odp (408 kB)**

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?: .ppt (418kB)

A Consideration of Abstinence-Only Sex "Education": .ppt (2.77MB)

What Must We Do to Be Saved?: .pptx (587kB)***, .ppt (2.2MB)

Easter Contradictions: .pptx (481kB)***

Doug Krueger's Top Ten Favorite Bible Contradictions: .pptx (524kB)***

*: OpenOffice 1.0 format
**: OpenDocument Presentation, OpenOffice 2.0 format. PowerPoint versions of these presentations may lack some or all animation functionality.
***: Microsoft Office 2007 PowerPoint format