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"Test all things; hold fast what is good."  1 Thess. 5:21
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What is Atheism? A Short Introduction

by Doug Krueger

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Written in the tradition of the vastly popular Prometheus title Atheism: The Case Against God and The Atheist Debater's Handbook, this accessible and inviting primer of nonbelief ponders eight of the most-asked questions about atheism.

What is atheism? How can atheists have morals? How can atheists have purpose in their lives? Doesn't the Bible show that god exists? Do reports of miracles prove the existence of a god? Aren't there philosophical proofs demonstrating that god exists? Wouldn't a person have to know everything to say that god doesn't exist? What's wrong with believing on faith?

These are the concerns that arise when believers and those who are simply curious question the purpose and meaning they suspect is lacking in the lives of nonbelievers. These questions also come up in philosophical and theological debates on the assumptions and merits of both belief and nonbelief. Krueger contends that atheism is a powerful alternative to the religious outlook so prevalent today, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood because people harbor preconceived ideas about atheism.

This concise introduction to atheism, from a scholar who has led thousands of students to the enlightenment of freethought, has been designed with the general audience in mind.

Douglas E. Krueger, Ph.D., (Fayetteville, AR) is a professor of philosophy and world religions at Northwest Arkansas Community College.

The Perfect Mirror? The Question of Bible Perfection

by Darrel Henschell

Here is an exceptionally useful book on Bible contradictions! Darrel Henschell has carefully selected 130 contradictions in their full context and placed them side by side in a double-column format. The book is comb-bound so that it opens flat, thus making it easy for you to photo-copy examples as needed. A chapter on conflicting prophecy and doctrine accounts for 43 of those contradictions. The biblical canon and other matters are examined to show that the Bible is far from being the perfect mirror of God's thoughts. A hefty, final chapter exposes the tricks used in defending biblical inerrancy. Some of those tricks have helped Bible-believers to fool themselves, to believe in the absurd!

All in all, a very useful and handy tool. 8.5" x 11"; 142 pages; plastic cover; comb-bound; selected bibliography, verse & word index.

For purchase, contact pianodarr@yahoo.com.

You can view an extensive free sample of this book here.

Physics by Geometry

by Bill Harter, Ph.D.

Are you at all tired of listening to physics "thought-priests" drone on about things that seem incomprehensible (even to the author)?

The following three files represent an opportunity to take back the night and let you actually derive and calculate the key principles and formulas that are the basis of classical mechanics (CM), special relativity (SR), and quantum mechanics (QM). And you can do this with the original "Weapons of Math Instruction" and roots of our scientific culture, the ruler and compass. (Graph paper and a scientific calculator, which the ancients lacked, are helpful, too.)

"Physics by Geometry" Units 1-3 are "cut-to-the-chase" expositions that require little more than high school geometry. Unit 1 is mostly CM and Unit 3 is mostly a shotgun wedding of SR and QM. Unit 2 develops the bridge between CM and QM that is the all-important concept of wave resonance.

We appreciate any comments and questions. This feedback will help make this book ever more approachable and clear.

--Bill Harter

Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3 -- companion website for Unit 3