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Freethinker Doug Krueger occasionally participates in on-stage, phone, and internet debates on various topics. The Freethinkers have collected much of the information from these debates for your viewing pleasure.

Pat Briney
Doug debated young-earth creationist Pat Briney on April 12, 2002, on the topic of the existence of God. By all accounts it was an absolute thrashing, with even devout believers feeling appalled by Briney's performance. While we do not have a transcript of the actual debate, we have the post-debate email continuation available for your viewing pleasure.

Copies of debates noted with "DVD" can be purchased for $10 post paid. Other entries on Doug's debate resumé are:

Topic Opponent Location Date
Atheism vs. Christianity Pastor Steve Cowan The University of Arkansas April 3, 1996
Does God Exist? Pastor Steve Cowan, Ph.D
Apologetics Resource Center.
The University of Arkansas March 26, 1997
Does God Exist? (DVD) Ted Cabal, Dean
Fuller Theological Seminary
The University of Arkansas November 20, 2000
Does God Exist? (DVD) Michael Butler Cornelius van Til Apologetics Conference
Sandy Cove, Maryland
April 25, 2001
Does God Exist? Pat Briney, Ph.D.
Mission Boulevard Baptist Church
The University of Arkansas April 12, 2002
Morality Without God? (DVD) Sean Wieland Midland Park Christian Reformed Church
Midland Park, New Jersey
January 18, 2002
Does God Exist? (DVD) Richard Howe The University of Arkansas April 17, 2003
Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God? (DVD) Peter Payne, Ph.D.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Ann Arbor, MI
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
January 15, 2003
Does God Exist? (DVD) Pastor Steve Cowan, Ph.D.
Apologetics Resource Center
Southeastern Bible College
Birmingham, AL
November 5, 2004
Does God Exist? (DVD) Richard Howe, Ph.D. The University of Arkansas November 29, 2004
Assorted radio debates and interviews in New York City, Tampa, and coast-to-coast broadcasts.

If you are interested purchasing a DVD of a debate send us an email. If you are interested in debating Mr. Krueger, please email fayfreethinkers@yahoo.com with the topic you are interested in debating. He will gladly work with you to develop a specific topic, format, venue, and time for the event.