Websites for Science News and Information

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Websites for Science News and Information

Postby Indium Flappers » Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:04 pm

I wish to compile an inventory of online resources for scientific news, information, education, and research tools. To this end I have so far collected the links hitherto presented:

General Articles
Science Daily
Inside Science
Scientific American
Science Magazine

Special Topics
PLOS (specifically on medicinal science)

Personal Sites for Various People
Neil Tyson
Carl Sagan
Sean Carroll
Steven Kotler

Online Libraries or Other Collections


Cyber-Schooling Resources
Khan Academy
Academic Earth
MIT OpenCourseWare

Search Engines
Google Scholar
Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram (Mathematica)

If anyone has other sites they think would be worthy additions, I can add them to the list. (For that matter, if anyone believes any site to be unworthy, I can also take it out.)

Anyone have some good resources to add?
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