Church of the Big Bang

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Church of the Big Bang

Postby graybear13 » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:30 pm

A hierarchy of scientists along with their prophets have defined a creator, big bang. If you go against the elders of the church and do not worship their creator you are dismissed, or in times past executed by some churches. Churches are all the same. When asked, what happened before your creator? One of the prophets of the Church of Big Bang, Roger Penrose, wrote A book, "Cycles of Time", explaining that there was an identical big bang previous to our big bang that somehow became our big bang that will eventually become the next big bang.

"....lets try a new equation. We will use the abbreviation "BB" for this formula, as it stands for "Big Bang".

Let B=Bullsh_t

BB=B squared

And it's the truth, the big bangers come up with mountains of "B" to try to give substance to the rest of the piles of "B" to come up with even more "B"!

It's time for a scientific revolution to replace all the multiples of "B" in the cosmological world of study." reality


Click on "report on recent workshop" ...participants intensely discussed how the pervasive fear especially young researchers face in criticizing the big bang can be overcome, and the related problem of how funding, long denied to alternative cosmology research can be provided.

regards, gray

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David Franks
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Re: Church of the Big Bang

Postby David Franks » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:48 pm

Any claim that science (or any scientific theory) is a religion is a gross misunderstanding-- or a gross misrepresentation-- of both science and religion.

Since you apparently do not know anything about science or religion, or appear to respect either, do you suppose you could screw up the decency and/or self-awareness to post on a subject that you know something about? Or, alternatively, a subject that you don't feel the need to misrepresent?

Or, alternatively, post the evidence that you have been shirking for all these long years?

Thanks (but no hope) in advance.
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Re: Church of the Big Bang

Postby Savonarola » Mon Jan 18, 2016 8:52 pm

You had your chance to present evidence against the big bang. You wouldn't do so. We're not doing this again.

Thread locked.
--Sav, Mod@Large

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