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Postby Wayne Macleod » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:39 am

Atheism and agnosticism are not the only alternatives freethinkers have for contemplating a rational universe. There is also pantheism, the “religion” that equates “God” to the laws and forces of Nature without spiritual mysticism. Cosmos Theology spells out those views that motivate activists in improving our world:

The natural meaning of ‘good’
The natural meaning of ‘evil’
The future unfolding of humanity in evolutionary cooperation
The structure of a new world order in compliance with this Cosmic Path
The entropic character of “progressive” trends in the Western world today
The connection of religion to civilization by providing social cohesion
The need for a lasting world government to be established essentially as a religious institution, one that is rational and in tune with science.

As freethinkers we owe it to ourselves to explore different points-of-view. For that I offer pantheism in general and Cosmos Theology in particular.

Jame Erik Cherry

Re: Pantheism

Postby Jame Erik Cherry » Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:55 am

I only accept concepts to be objects when there has been an empircal demonstrating that said concept is in fact an object. Defining my terms just a bit: objects exist independently of the cognition of minds. The Earth, you, me, the son, the computer I’m typing on: these are objects. Concepts require the cognition of minds to exist - for example, the English language would not exist if there were no minds to create it and know it. Concepts sometimes describe objects and their behavior, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes concepts are incoherent such as four-sided triangles, married bachelors or supreme beings that are simultaneously perfectly just and merciful, these two concepts being mutually exclusive to the other. Human beings tend to be rather poor at distinguishing between objects and concepts as both exist in our own minds; but only objects are demonstrated to actually exist through the senses.. Which is why the "God concept" seems so real to many people, despite the fact the definition of God, as vague and equivocating as it is, itself cannot be demonstrated to be an object. Hence I reject the concept that the universe is in some sense self-aware with some sort of purpose.

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