An appeal to reason


An appeal to reason

Postby DrParker » Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:08 am

Religionists Would have us believe the purpose of life is to worship one of the gods.. The Buddhists try to teach us that the purpose of life is to stop caring about everything and by having no attachment ending all suffering. Ending all suffering is not a complicated endeavor. It is accomplished by every suicide. Nihilists tell us that nothing matters, it is all a waste, yet they work and save and plan ahead like everyone else. Some would hold that if we are not the created property of a supernatural being to whom we owe undying loyaty and worship then life is without meaning. They believe that without the threat of divine punishment no one would be good. When someone tells you that no one would be good without god they are most likely saying that they would not be good without their belief in a god. Others find the knowledge that we are one of many evolved species on this planet, dependent upon each other and this planet's resources for our survival a liberating thought. In the end there are facts with which we must contend. Unless we believe we were divinely created with the genes for tails and full body hair, inactivated but present, we must accept that we are an evolved species. The evidence proves that we are not the only intelligent species to evolve. Neanderthal and Heidelbergensis were both possessed of larger brains and stronger bodies. They are gone, most likely, because all that power required a lot of meat to fuel and while we can survive on roots and berries they could not. When the great herds of giant mammals disappeared into extinction and meat became scarce they died. We may have been saved, not by our brilliance, but by myostatin, the hormone that causes our muscles to shrink if they are not exercised every 72 hours.
You will often hear people say, "How can you say it is all chance?, the earth is the perfect distance from the sun for us to live here, the universe appears designed perfectly for human life, that can't just be by chance!". Really? The universe is designed for humans to live in it? How much of the observable universe can humans live in? The Milky Way galaxy itself is only about one one hundred billionth of the known universe. That's 1/100000000000 or 0.000000001%. The earth is only 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the Milky Way galaxy. It does not appear to me that the universe was designed for human habitation since there is only an infinitismal fraction of it in which we can live. Even earth itself is not completely habitable. The arctic and antarctic are both huge expanses of area in which people cannot easily survive. There are enormous deserts which are almost completely uninhabited. In short the evidence is compelling that the universe is not created for the habitation of humans unless credulity is stretched beyond the breaking point.

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Re: An appeal to reason

Postby graybear13 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:26 pm

Religions, at their very best, can only try to represent spiritual reality concepts given to them by their masters. All of them that I am aware of fall well short of a rebirth of awareness that they call being 'born again'

It is reasonable to believe that there is an 'awareness' that has become this space-time. Everything in this finite reality of space and time is the creation of this 'awareness'. It morphs into space-time and stars are born; planets evolve with conscious beings living on them. This consciousness is what we are experiencing right now.

The rebirth of 'awareness' is viewing creation from the outside looking in. Our natural view point is from inside this space-time looking out.

From the view point of this time and space finite reality is not an illusion, or a shadow on the wall as Plato put it. When we can view it from the outside looking in...that is the rebirth of 'awareness' and then we can finally see how creation takes place in the eternal now.

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