October 2014 Freethinker Meeting

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October 2014 Freethinker Meeting

Postby Dardedar » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:25 am

Hello Fayetteville Freethinkers, it's time for our October meeting!

Please note our meeting is on Sunday October 26th this weekend, not Saturday.

We have a special guest, Joshua Kenyon-Daniels, who is completing his
doctorate and will soon be going to an Episcopalian seminary. He has a
presentation that will challenge us to consider the concept of faith:
"A Different View of Christian Theology."
Questions and interaction are encouraged.

Michael will tell us about the new and rather controversial and
courageous secular student group he has sponsored at the Van Buren
high school. They had a great turn out with 55 showing up at their
first meeting! Plus we will have a report about a fellow giving a
creationist seminar hosted near the school this Friday evening. We are
sending some scouts. We're gonna challenge him to a debate.

After the break we will watch an episode of the new Cosmos series with
Neil deGrasse Tyson. Darrel is bringing in some special gear so we can
watch it in crisp high definition. Carl Sagan would be proud of how
his series has evolved.

Meeting Details:
When: Sunday, October 26, 2014.
Where: The Fayetteville Public Library.
"I'm not a skeptic because I want to believe, I'm a skeptic because I want to know." --Michael Shermer

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