More evidence: Faux News and Impairment

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More evidence: Faux News and Impairment

Postby David Franks » Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:59 pm

Does Fox News Cause Ignorance, or Do Ignorant Viewers Prefer Fox News?

"A new Brookings and Public Religion Research Institute poll shows just how out of touch Fox News viewers are with both their fellow Republicans and the rest of the country. They learned nothing from 2012....

"This makes the Fox News echo chamber a hazard for the party. It creates extreme candidates under the guise that they are electable, builds up a false narrative that they are in fact electable and then acts surprised when that narrative doesn’t play itself out. In 2012, this storyline was on full display. In the aftermath of that defeat, Fox and the Republican Party had the chance to fix it by reorganizing the station’s content with more moderate hosts and more accurate coverage. They have chosen not to do so—and it’s only going to continue to hurt them in 2016."

Some very interesting charts and commentary:
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